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About Carolyn Binder Carolyn is a lifelong gardener and foodie with a sense of humor and a passion for sharing her life experiences. A couple of years ago, she started her Cowlick Cottage Farm blog with the intent of recording her gardening, cooking and travel adventures for her three daughters. In short order, Carolyn’s writing about her life on Cowlick Cottage Farm, along with her photographs, was published in GRIT magazine and in regional publications. With a thriving following on social media numbering in the thousands, Carolyn was named one of nine  Proven Winners Garden Gurus, where she writes a monthly post on ornamental gardening in the southeast region. Carolyn’s blog is also featured on the web site of New Leaf Market, the largest natural foods cooperative in North Florida and South Georgia.

Recently, Carolyn was a guest of television host, award-winning designer, gardening and lifestyle expert P. Allen Smith , at his second annual Garden2Blog event. At this prestigious event, 20 influential garden and lifestyle communicators joined Allen at his garden home, Moss Mountain Farm , along with top industry gardening, cooking and lifestyle sponsors, to discuss industry trends and how social media impacts them. Since then, her blog has been featured in P. Allen Smith’s newsletter and in GrowWrite magazine. She has also been named a Contributing Editor of Tallahassee Woman magazine, and she is a contributor to  Southern Living magazine. Carolyn also enjoys writing about some of the top restaurants, resorts and gardens in the southeast region, particularly those that support local farmers and producers.

Follow Carolyn on Twitter (@Cowlickcottage) and on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cowlick-Cottage-Farm/138602099487143 and https://www.facebook.com/carolyn.binder.52 .  For further information, contact Carolyn at cowlickcottage@gmail.com .

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