In My Vegetable Garden: Chinese Red Long Beans


Chinese Red Long Beans (Vigna unguiculata for the horticulturalists) are one of my favorite crops in the vegetable garden this year. Chinese Red Long Beans are a member of the cowpea family versus the common green bean family, which explains why they do so well here in the heat and humidity of a Southern
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Noontime in the Garden of Good


May was an exciting month, starting with Garden2Blog, where I met up with fellow garden writers from all over the country. It was extra special to spend time with a few of my closest friends, Shawna Coronado, Christopher Tidrick and Michael Nolan. We have been communicating for a couple of years, but for me
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Hydrangeas in the Rain


Sometimes the world is heartbreaking in its beauty, and I just wish I could share it with you. Here are a few photos of my hydrangeas in a rainstorm this afternoon. I shot them on the front porch of this old cottage.

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P Allen Smith’s Garden2Blog, Part IV

Smartyplants: Plant Geek Tips From Bonnie Plants


An important part of our visit to P. Allen Smith’s garden home, Moss Mountain Farm, was participating in the educational presentations given by the Garden2Blog sponsors. One of my favorite presentations was, of course, in the one-acre organic vegetable garden with Bonnie Plants. Bonnie plants is a family-owned company that is a national wholesaler
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In the Vegetable Garden on Linnaeus Day: Seminole Squash


I am an enthusiastic grower of heirloom vegetables, but I don’t think there has been another vegetable whose history has interested me more than Seminole Squash (cucurbita moschata), an heirloom we inherited from the Seminole Indians. The Seminoles are local to the area where I live, and I have been
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P. Allen Smith's Garden2Blog, Part II

Ten Garden Design Tips I Learned From P. Allen Smith

A rose-covered garden shed marks the entry to the vegetable garden

The next stop on our epic Garden2Blog adventure (see Part I) was P. Allen Smith’s original garden home, affectionately called Gaines, in downtown Little Rock. I fell in love with this charming place as soon as we walked through the front gate. Allen purchased the cottage for a dollar, rescued it from demolition, and moved it
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A Contest for Gardeners

Sponsored by Proven Winners

Year Round Vegetable Gardener

One of the most enjoyable aspects of blogging for Proven Winners is getting to know my fellow bloggers–accomplished gardeners and writers from all around the country. Recently my friend and fellow Proven Winners Garden Guru, Niki Jabbour, released her first book, The Year Round Vegetable Gardener. As an avid veggie gardener myself, I love
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Morning Miracles


My garden astonishes me most during springtime. Vegetables seemingly appear overnight. Flowers dance in the breeze, and the bean vines scamper up their trellis so quickly you can almost watch them grow. Perfectly ripe strawberries are my breakfast, and the bees hum along with me. The scent of jasmine feels like a blessing. I realize
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