Cowlick’s Going to the Big City!

A Spring Extravaganza Sponsored by Proven Winners

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know that I don’t leave the farm on a weekend unless there’s something big going on.  The birth of a child or the opening of a new Ann Taylor store might entice me out of the garden. It has to be big. And this is! I am so excited to be invited to the Proven Winners Spring Extravaganza in Atlanta next week! Proven Winners is a premier grower of beautiful and dependable plants, and they are offering a series of one day seminar/retreats throughout the country to teach gardeners about their newest products, share inspirational gardening ideas and generally have a wonderful day. The retreat will feature great speakers–I am especially looking forward to the presentations on edible gardening and gardening with children. There will be a wonderful catered lunch and prizes, too! At this time of year, there is nothing like a little inspiration to get your gardening juices flowing. 

Get Inspired at the Proven Winners Spring Extravaganza!

If you can sneak to Atlanta for a day (March 4) or one of the other cities across the country, sign up for the Spring Extravaganza and let me know! I love to meet fellow garden geeks. Read more about the retreat/seminar by visiting the Proven Winners website . I hope to see you in Atlanta!

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