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Gougères (i.e. Really Easy and Very Sinful Little Cheese Puffs)


You would think that something made with butter, cheese and country ham might be a little on the heavy side, right? But gougères are delightful little cheese puffs made with light as air pastry and starring heavenly Gruyère cheese. They are little bites of sinful goodness, that’s what they are.

Fun and
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Quick and Easy Meyer Lemon Finishing Salt

A perfect little gift for your favorite cook


I spent a happy afternoon in the kitchen preserving this year’s Meyer lemon harvest. Meyer lemons are one of my favorite crops, and we’re very lucky that they thrive in our north Florida location. Although my tree is just starting to bear fruit, I was gifted with about 30 pounds of
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Spaetzle with Brown Butter and Sage

German Cuisine

This weekend I had some extra time to cook, and I decided to make an authentic German dinner for my family. I had been thinking about it all week! On Wednesday, I started by building a marinade for classic sauerbraten. Sauerbraten is German pot roast, and it’s a great way to make an
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Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Anchovy Butter Sauce (Trust Me!)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

I know, I know…you hate Brussels sprouts. If you feel that way, I empathize with you, because many of us were introduced to Brussels sprouts that were boiled into a gray, unappealing mush that was completely unappetizing and rather disgusting. However, these beautiful little members of the cabbage family are truly delicious when prepared
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Easy Bourbon Chicken


When family and friends gather together on our little farm, we all love to get in the kitchen and cook.  This simple recipe only takes about 30 minutes from start to finish, and it is delicious enough to serve company for a casual get together. Bourbon chicken is kind of a
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Homemade Chicken Soup for the Body and Soul


I have a confession to make. I used to make the absolute worst soup in the world. Just ask my four brothers, who were forced to tolerate my early forays into the art of soup making. My brothers are quite blatantly honest, and their usual comments regarding my early soups were
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Feel Good Tea: A Delicious and Natural Remedy


Contrary to popular belief, I do consume beverages other than coffee and red wine. Variety is the spice of life, right? Ever since I discovered the charms of Feel Good Tea, I make it a point to keep some on hand, both at home and at the office. Feel Good Tea is a deceptively
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Fennel and Onion Marmalade, Baby!

Fennel and Onion Jam

Fennel and onion marmalade is a luscious condiment that will raise your next pork roast to another level. This is not a breakfast marmalade destined for toast, but a sexy, savory marmalade meant to accompany grilled salmon, or to slather on a rustic sandwich of roasted red peppers, salumi, provolone and arugula. It is also
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